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FAC Services Project Accounting

The Project Accounting team provides comprehensive accounting support during the life cycle of a project.   Our vision is to provide a proactive level of support in assisting Project Managers and Coordinators with the financial management of their projects.  This includes support at each of four critical project phases: the pre-award process, the project setup, ongoing project maintenance, and the close-out process.

Our services consist of the following:

By being more engaged and knowledgeable on the front end of projects, we can begin to spot problems and assist in solution management earlier in the process.  These areas of focus are instrumental in managing problems with aging accounts receivable.  

Streamlined billing is at the heart of the service we provide.  To facilitate these processes, we review each project every four weeks.  At this point we either:

Once we receive the reviewed or revised invoice, we distribute it to the client for payment.   Outstanding invoices are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

The Project Accounting Team

Our team has nearly 60 years of combined experience in accounting and financial services.  In addition to our work experience, we continue to emphasize training, development, and education to ensure that our standards of service meet your expectations.